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Since the last legislative period, the German Federal Government and various state governments have initiated a number of laws and ordinances which, from our point of view, do not fit into a free and democratic state of law:
Censorship of the Internet
• Long-term use of state trojans
• Abolition of banking secrecy
• Extension of driving restrictions - also for non-traffic offenses
• Limitation of freedom of association
• Introduction of general suspicion on background checks
• Stricter police laws in the federal states

The nonprofit association Pro Civitas has set itself the goal of supporting the legal review of these measures in order to protect the aims and ideas of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany of 1948 (written under the impression of the survived Nazi terror).
Pro Civitas is dedicated to the protection of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, such as freedom of association, opinion, press, information and assembly. Pro Civitas advocates for the tolerance of the opinion of the differently thinking, the promotion of the plurality of opinion and the promotion and preservation of the free-form democratic constituted state of law.
This can be done by commissioning and providing scientific legal opinions and sample texts, which can be used by those affected and their legal representatives and thus serve the protection of fundamental rights of the population.
As one of the first projects, we will support the legal review of the tightening of the Association Law and ask for donations.


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